Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl2,072,00017,0002,1782,091,178
Camry 2.5 V A/T2,057,00017,0002,1782,076,178
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl1,886,00017,0002,1781,905,178
Camry 2.5 G A/T1,871,00017,0002,1781,890,178
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl2,201,00017,2002,1782,220,378
86 2.0 A/T 2,186,00017,2002,1782,205,378
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl2,101,00017,2002,1782,120,378
86 2.0 M/T 2,086,00017,2002,1782,105,378
Alphard 3.5L A/T White Pearl3,925,00012,8002,1783,939,978
Alphard 3.5L A/T3,910,00012,8002,1783,924,978
Prius C Full option1,985,00015,5002,1782,002,678
Prius 1.8L HYBRID White Pearl2,354,00015,5002,1782,371,678
Prius 1.8L HYBRID2,339,00015,5002,1782,356,678
LC 300 3.3 AT ZX White Pearl5,657,00017,0002,1785,676,178
LC 300 3.3 AT ZX5,642,00017,0002,1785,661,178
LC 300 3.3 AT VX White Pearl5,188,00017,0002,1785,207,178
LC 300 3.3 AT VX 5,173,00017,0002,1785,192,178
FJ Cruiser 4.0L A/T2,098,00016,8002,1782,116,978
Prado 4.0L Gas A/T Premium Color3,434,00014,8002,1783,450,978
Prado 4.0L Gas A/T3,419,00014,8002,1783,435,978
Prado 2.8L Dsl A/T Premium Color4,235,00014,8002,1784,251,978
Prado 2.8L Dsl A/T4,220,00014,8002,1784,236,978
Corolla Cross 1.8 V HV CVT White Pearl1,665,00017,0002,1781,684,178
Corolla Cross 1.8 V HV CVT1,650,00017,0002,1781,669,178
Corolla Cross 1.8 G CVT White Pearl1,300,00017,0002,1781,319,178
Corolla Cross 1.8 G CVT1,285,00017,0002,1781,304,178
Altis 1.8 V HV CVT White Pearl1,610,00017,0002,1781,629,178
Altis 1.8 V HV CVT1,595,00017,0002,1781,614,178
Altis 1.6 V CVT White Pearl1,230,00017,0002,1781,249,178
Altis 1.6 V CVT 1,215,00017,0002,1781,234,178
Altis 1.6 G CVT1,130,00017,0002,1781,149,178
Altis 1.6 E M/T1,014,00017,0002,1781,033,178
Rush 1.5 G A/T1,100,00012,5002,1781,114,678
Rush 1.5 E A/T1,023,00012,5002,1781,037,678
Rush 1.5 E M/T983,00012,5002,178997,678
Yaris 1.6 GR MT2,650,0009,5002,1782,661,678
Yaris 1.5 S CVT1,114,0009,5002,1781,125,678
Yaris 1.3 E CVT973,0009,5002,178984,678
Yaris 1.3 E M/T900,0009,5002,178911,678
Fortuner 2.8L GR-S AT PC 2T2,509,00012,7002,1782,523,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x4 LTD A/T PC 2T2,450,00012,7002,1782,464,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x4 LTD A/T 2T2,440,00012,7002,1782,454,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x2 LTD A/T PC 2T2,290,00012,7002,1782,304,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x2 LTD A/T 2T2,280,00012,7002,1782,294,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x2 Q A/T PC2,033,00012,7002,1782,047,878
Fortuner 2.8L Dsl 4x2 Q A/T 2,018,00012,7002,1782,032,878
Fortuner 2.4 4x2 V AT PC1,857,00012,7002,1781,871,878
Fortuner 2.4L Dsl 4x2 V AT1,842,00012,7002,1781,856,878
Fortuner 2.4L Dsl 4x2 G A/T1,723,00012,7002,1781,737,878
Fortuner 2.4L Dsl 4x2 G M/T1,633,00012,7002,1781,647,878
Innova 2.8 V Dsl A/T WhitePearl1,754,00010,9002,1781,767,078
Innova 2.8 V Dsl A/T 1,739,00010,9002,1781,752,078
Innova 2.8 G Dsl A/T WhitePearl1,607,00010,9002,1781,620,078
Innova 2.8 G Dsl A/T 1,592,00010,9002,1781,605,078
Innova 2.8 G Dsl M/T WhitePearl1,537,00010,9002,1781,550,078
Innova 2.8 G Dsl M/T 1,522,00010,9002,1781,535,078
Innova 2.8 E Dsl A/T 1,355,00010,9002,1781,368,078
Innova 2.8 E Dsl M/T 1,285,00010,9002,1781,298,078
Innova 2.8 J Dsl M/T1,186,00010,9002,1781,199,078
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl2,289,00012,7002,1782,303,878
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD2,274,00012,7002,1782,288,878
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl1,967,00012,7002,1781,981,878
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE1,952,00012,7002,1781,966,878
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl1,775,00012,7002,1781,789,878
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE1,760,00012,7002,1781,774,878
Hiace Super Grandia Elite 2.8L A/T 2-Tone3,013,00012,1002,1783,027,278
Hiace Super Grandia Elite 2.8L A/T Monotone2,998,00012,1002,1783,012,278
Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L A/T Leather 2-Tone2,638,00012,1002,1782,652,278
Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L A/T Leather Monotone2,623,00012,1002,1782,637,278
Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L A/T Fabric 2-Tone2,533,00012,1002,1782,547,278
Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L A/T Fabric Monotone2,518,00012,1002,1782,532,278
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T 2-Tone2,334,00012,1002,1782,348,278
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L A/T Monotone2,319,00012,1002,1782,333,278
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T 2-Tone2,244,00012,1002,1782,258,278
Hiace GL Grandia Tourer 2.8L M/T Monotone2,229,00012,1002,1782,243,278
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T 2-Tone2,160,00012,1002,1782,174,278
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L A/T Monotone2,145,00012,1002,1782,159,278
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T 2-Tone2,085,00012,1002,1782,099,278
Hiace GL Grandia 2.8L M/T Monotone2,070,00012,1002,1782,084,278
Hiace Commuter Deluxe 2.8L M/T 1,649,00012,1002,1781,663,278
Hiace Commuter 3.0L M/T (DECONTENT) 1,379,00012,1002,1781,393,278
Hiace Cargo 3.0 M/T1,101,00012,1002,1781,115,278
Coaster 29-Seater M/T3,748,00016,8002,1783,766,978
Hilux 2.8 4X4 Conquest A/T - Emotional Red1,850,00011,0002,3601,863,360
Hilux 2.8 4X4 Conquest A/T1,830,00011,0002,3601,843,360
Hilux 2.8 4X4 Conquest M/T - Emotional Red1,775,00011,0002,3601,788,360
Hilux 2.8 4X4 Conquest M/T1,755,00011,0002,3601,768,360
Hilux 2.4 4X2 Conquest A/T - Emotional Red1,475,00011,0002,3601,488,360
Hilux 2.4 4X2 Conquest A/T1,455,00011,0002,3601,468,360
Hilux 2.4 4X2 Conquest M/T - Emotional Red1,400,00011,0002,3601,413,360
Hilux 2.4 4X2 Conquest M/T1,380,00011,0002,3601,393,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 G A/T1,295,00011,0002,3601,308,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 G M/T1,220,00011,0002,3601,233,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 E M/T 1,113,00011,0002,3601,126,360
Hilux 2.4 4X4 J M/T1,148,00011,0002,3601,161,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 J M/T 952,00011,0002,360965,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 FX with Rear Aircon M/T1,057,00011,0002,3601,070,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 FX without Rear Aircon M/T1,029,00011,0002,3601,042,360
Hilux 2.4 4X2 Cargo M/T 936,00011,0002,360949,360
Hilux 2.4 4x2 Cab & Chassis M/T843,00011,0002,360856,360
Vios 1.5 GR -S CVT White Pearl1,035,0009,5002,1781,046,678
Vios 1.5 GR -S CVT 1,020,0009,5002,1781,031,678
Vios 1.5 G CVT White Pearl985,0009,5002,178996,678
Vios 1.5 G CVT 970,0009,5002,178981,678
Vios 1.5 G M/T White Pearl926,0009,5002,178937,678
Vios 1.5 G M/T911,0009,5002,178922,678
VIOS 1.3 E CVT901,0009,5002,178912,678
VIOS 1.3 XLE CVT851,0009,5002,178862,678
VIOS 1.3 E M/T851,0009,5002,178862,678
VIOS 1.3 XLE M/T801,0009,5002,178812,678
VIOS 1.3 XE CVT - 3 airbags753,0009,5002,178764,678
Vios 1.3 J M/T - 3 airbags707,0009,5002,178718,678
VIOS 1.3 BASE M/T - 3 airbags681,0009,5002,178692,678
VIOS 1.3 XE CVT - 7 airbags808,0009,5002,178819,678
Vios 1.3 J M/T - 7 airbags717,0009,5002,178728,678
VIOS 1.3 BASE M/T - 7 airbags691,0009,5002,178702,678
Wigo 1.0 G A/T658,0009,5002,178669,678
Wigo 1.0 TRD S A/T700,0009,5002,178711,678
Wigo 1.0 G M/T623,0009,5002,178634,678
Wigo 1.0 E M/T568,0009,5002,178579,678
Avanza 1.5 G A/T1,012,00011,0002,1781,025,178
Avanza 1.5 G A/T VELOZ1,077,00011,0002,1781,090,178
Avanza 1.5 G M/T 969,00011,0002,178982,178
Avanza 1.3 E A/T919,00011,0002,178932,178
Avanza 1.3 E M/T876,00011,0002,178889,178
Avanza 1.3 J M/T743,00011,0002,178756,178
Supra 3.0 A/T Prominence Red4,990,00016,5002,1785,008,678
Supra 3.0 A/T 5,050,00016,5002,1785,068,678

Updated September 2021
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
Price at the time of delivery shall prevail.


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