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Vios XLE CVT IMPROVEMENT039,01427,41721,59918,175
Vios XLE MT IMPROVEMENT036,84925,89620,40117,166
Wigo 1.0 G A/T-new034,05223,93018,85215,863
Wigo 1.0 E M/T-MC2,00030,15521,19216,69514,048
Wigo 1.0 G M/T-MC7,00032,53722,86518,01315,157
VIOS 1.3 XE CVT (3 airbags) IMPROVEMENT8,00034,77124,43519,25016,198
Altis 1.8 V HV White Pearl 2020 MODEL10,00070,41849,59439,15233,013
Wigo 1.0 TRD A/T-new14,00035,87125,20819,85916,710
Vios 1.3 J M/T (3 airbags) IMPROVEMENT39,00032,77923,03618,14815,270
Vios BASE MT (3 airbags) IMPROVEMENT42,00031,65322,24517,52414,746
Avanza 1.3 E A/T48,00045,35331,87225,10921,128
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T IMPROVEMENT53,00044,16731,03824,45220,575
Vios 1.5 G CVT A/T White Pearl IMPROVEMENT54,00044,81731,49524,81220,878
Avanza 1.3 E M/T55,00043,49230,56424,07820,260
RUSH 1.5G A/T57,00053,19137,38029,44824,779
Avanza 1.3 J M/T63,00037,73326,51720,89017,578
Innova E DSL A/T 202177,00059,60141,97633,13827,942
Avanza 1.5 G M/T81,40047,51833,39426,30822,136
Vios 1.5 GR-S CVT IMPROVEMENT82,00046,33232,56025,65121,584
Vios 1.5 GR-S CVT WP IMPROVEMENT83,00046,98233,01626,01021,886
Avanza 1.5 G A/T85,40049,38034,70227,33823,004
RUSH 1.5E M/T90,40048,12533,82026,64322,419
Avanza 1.5 Veloz91,40052,19536,68028,89624,315
Innova J DSL M/T 202193,00052,43236,92729,15224,581
RUSH 1.5E A/T93,40049,85735,03727,60223,226
Innova E DSL M/T 202199,00056,63239,88531,48726,550
Yaris 1.3 E A/T - MC106,40047,69233,51526,40322,217
Hiace Commuter 3.0L OLD107,00064,98845,77036,13330,467
Altis 1.6 V CVT 117,40056,98840,13631,68526,717
Altis 1.6 V CVT White Pearl119,40057,62440,58432,03927,015
Yaris 1.5 S A/T - MC122,40053,79737,80629,78325,061
Altis 1.6 E M/T130,40047,82533,68326,59122,421
Innova G DSL M/T 2021134,00066,68546,96537,07731,263
Innova G DSL M/T - White Pearl 2021135,00067,32247,41437,43031,561
Fortuner 4x2 2.4 G Dsl A/T-new135,40078,53755,31343,66636,819
Hiace Commuter Decontent138,00060,70442,75333,75128,459
Innova G DSL A/T 2021141,00069,65549,05738,72832,655
Hiace Commuter 3.0L Deluxe142,00072,15750,81940,11933,828
Innova G DSL A/T - White Pearl 2021143,00070,29149,50539,08132,953
Hilux 2.4 4x2 Cab & Chassis MT145,20043,53230,65924,20420,409
Altis 1.6 G CVT149,40053,38237,59629,68025,026
Innova V DSL A/T 2021151,00075,89053,44842,19535,578
Innova V DSL A/T White Pearl 2021153,00076,52753,89742,54835,877
Altis 1.8 V HV 160,40073,10851,48940,64734,274
Hilux 2.4 4x2 G MT W/ BEDLINER161,20059,86442,16133,28428,065
Hilux 2.4 4x2 J MT W/ BEDLINER168,20048,49634,15526,96322,735
HIACE CARGO-NEW169,20054,13738,12830,10025,380
Hilux 2.4 4x2 G AT W/ BEDLINER170,20063,04644,40235,05329,557
Hilux 2.4 4x2 Cargo MT170,20047,47733,43826,39722,258
Hilux 2.4 4x2 E MT W/ BEDLINER172,20055,32538,96530,76125,937
Hilux 2.4 4x4 J MT W/ BEDLINER178,20056,81040,01031,58626,633
Hilux 2.4 4X2 FX w/o Rear Aircon MT184,20051,42336,21628,59124,108
Fortuner 4x2 2.4 G DSL M/T-new187,40074,72052,62441,54435,029
Hilux 2.4 4X2 FX w/ Rear Aircon MT189,20052,61037,05329,25124,664
Corolla cross 1.8 G CVT197,40059,95742,22733,33628,109
Corolla cross 1.8 G CVT White Pearl199,40060,59442,67533,69028,407
GL Grandia 3.0L Dsl M/T 201,00090,01663,39750,04842,201
GL Grandia 3.0L Dsl M/T 2Tone203,00090,65363,84550,40242,499
GL Grandia 3.0L Dsl A/T 209,00093,19865,63851,81743,692
GL Grandia 3.0L Dsl A/T 2Tone211,00093,83466,08652,17143,990
Hilux 2.4 4X2 conquest MT216,20065,88846,40436,63330,889
Hilux 2.4 4X2 conquest MT-Emotional Red219,20066,73647,00137,10531,287
Fortuner 4x2 2.4 V DSL A/T - new221,40082,94958,42046,11938,887
Fortuner 4x2 2.4 V DSL A/T White Pearl-new223,40083,58558,86846,47339,186
Hilux 2.4 4X2 conquest AT227,20069,06948,64438,40232,380
Hilux 2.4 4X2 conquest AT-Emotional Red230,20069,91849,24238,87432,778
Camry 2.5 G A/T233,40084,81659,73447,15739,762
Camry 2.5 G A/T White Pearl235,40085,45260,18247,51140,061
Fortuner 4x2 Q AT237,00086,87761,18648,30340,729
Fortuner 4x2 Q AT Pearl239,00087,51361,63448,65741,027
Camry 2.5 V A/T240,00089,38062,94949,69541,902
Camry 2.5 V A/T White Pearl242,00090,01663,39750,04842,201
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE243,40080,10756,41844,53937,555
Hiace Super Grandia 1T(leather) 2021 MODEL245,000113,47579,91863,09153,198
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LE White Pearl245,40080,74356,86644,89337,853
Hiace Super Grandia 2T(leather) 2021 MODEL247,000114,11180,36663,44553,496
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE White Pearl248,40088,88862,60249,42141,672
Corolla cross 1.8 V HV 250,40075,44153,13241,94535,367
Corolla cross 1.8 V HV White Pearl253,40076,07753,58042,29835,666
86 2.0 M/T 267,40093,93666,15752,22844,038
Fortuner 4x2 LTD AT 2-Tone268,00097,31268,53654,10545,621
Fortuner 4x2 LTD AT WP 2-Tone269,00097,73768,83454,34145,820
86 2.0 M/T White Pearl269,40094,57266,60652,58144,336
Rav4 4x2 2.5 XLE269,40088,25262,15449,06741,373
Hilux 2.8 4X4 conquest MT271,20081,79557,60745,47838,346
Hilux 2.8 4X4 conquest MT-Emotional Red274,20082,64458,20545,94938,744
86 2.0 A/T 280,40098,17869,14554,58646,027
86 2.0 A/T White Pearl281,40098,81469,59354,94046,325
Hilux 2.8 4X4 conquest AT282,20084,97759,84847,24639,838
Hilux 2.8 4X4 conquest AT-Emotional Red285,20085,82560,44547,71840,236
Fortuner 4x4 LTD AT 2-Tone288,000104,10073,31657,87948,803
Fortuner 4x4 LTD AT WP 2-Tone289,000104,52473,61458,11449,002
GL Grandia Tourer 3.0L Dsl M/T 290,00096,76168,14753,79845,362
GL Grandia 3.0L Dsl Tourer M/T 2Tone292,00097,39768,59554,15245,661
Hiace Super Grandia Elite 1T-new 2021 MODEL294,000129,38291,12171,93560,655
Hiace Super Grandia Elite 2T-new 2021 MODEL296,000130,01891,57072,28960,954
GL Grandia Tourer 3.0L Dsl A/T 303,000100,57970,83655,92147,152
GL Grandia Tourer 3.0L Dsl A/T 2Tone305,000101,21571,28456,27547,451
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD313,400101,91171,77456,66247,777
FJ CRUISER 4.0L A/T314,40094,53066,57652,55844,316
Rav4 4x2 2.5 LTD White Pearl315,400102,54772,22257,01548,075
COASTER 30 SEATER WHITE439,000162,894114,72390,56776,366
Prado 4.0 Gas A/T485,000145,205102,26580,73268,073
Prado 4.0 Gas A/T Premium Color487,000145,841102,71381,08668,371
Prado Diesel 2.8 M/T587,000174,517122,90997,03081,815
Prado Diesel 2.8 M/T Premium Color589,000175,153123,35797,38382,113
Prado Diesel 2.8 A/T603,000179,183126,19599,62484,002
Prado Diesel 2.8 A/T Premium Color606,000179,819126,64399,97884,301
LC 200 DSL AT -NEW664,000198,442139,759110,33293,031
LC 200 DSL AT WHITE PEARL666,000199,078140,207110,68593,329
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT718,000213,967150,693118,964100,309
LC 200 PREMIUM 4.5 DSL AT-WHITE720,000214,604151,141119,318100,608


  1. 3 Years LTO Registration
  2. 1 Year Comprehensive Insurance
  3. Chattel Fees
  4. Window Tint
  5. Floor Mats
  6. Seat Covers
  7. Basic Tools, Jack and Handle
  8. 10 Liters of Fuel
  9. Labor during 1,000 Km. & 5,000 Km. Periodic Maintenance Services


  • Toyota Financial Services
  • BDO
  • PSBank
  • RCBC
  • Eastwest Bank
  • Sterling Bank of Asia
  • Bank of Commerce
  • Maybank
  • Wealth Bank
  • UCPB Savings


  • Self-Employed

  1. Complete Filled up Application form (Pls. find download link below)
  2. Income Tax Return
  3. 2 Valid Identification Card
  4. Business Registration/DTI
  5. 3-5 Months Bank Statement
  • Employed

  1. Complete Filled up Application form (Pls. find download link below)
  2. Certificate of Employment or Employment Contract
  3. 2 Valid Identification Card
  4. 3-5 Months Bank Statement
  • Overseas Filipino Worker

  1. Complete Filled up Application form (Pls. find download link below)
  2. Previous or Current Employment Contract
  3. 2 Valid Identification Card
  4. 3-5 Months Bank Statement

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